Friday, 26 July 2013


Yup, so am ready to post something. Baffled in my mind,what do i write? How do I start? As they say,'first impression is the last impression'(i know too cliché). Though I have a lot of stuff  scuttling in my brain,but no sooner I pick one,the other nudges at me.

Such is the scuffle in life. Probably many of us begin or start our lives with a lot of questions ????????. Many of us in the womb would have undergone a lot of enigma. for instance,'Darling,is it right to give birth to a baby at this point of time',or how do we manage after that???? Questions,chaos,and what not. That makes me realize, starting something is too difficult than ending it.

Human civilization too dint start effortlessly. The start took an epoch. A civilization crossed the threshold followed by the other. The start is still on. The end is too easy. Civilizations took centuries to start a meticulous living,but the end annihilated the start within seconds. It can be envisaged the other way,the end too has a start,"a start of an end,to end the start".( A bit perplexed one. )

Started loving somebody?? I can feel a lot of faces going red. Hmm,how did it start??  Wasn't too easy for everyone,i guess. Delimited with a whole sack of queries u may have taken your first step(may differ from one another) at a snail's pace and finally u would have got the casket full of ardent love in your life. Those of you who are still to start, start before you are left with a zilch.

At least I started writing something. Life is all about the right start. Though a difficult,boggling start,but a right one always has a right ending for everyone of us.
GET STARTED,life has a lot to illustrate and disclose,but it demands a START.

Now as i wrote a bit,start to read and enjoy..
coming up with more....
swati bhatt